Slowly getting friends with Peru..

Hola todo el mundo! Comó estan? ☺
Here my first post of Peru, but before I start I want to share my frustration with you as I wanted to post this message already for days however the wifi here in the mountains is very weak so uploading the pictures took ages!!! Grrrr… But yeah, what do you want? Here in the mountains of Peru, 3000m above sea level. It’s already a big big privilege that I have some wifi here and can connect with my dear ones 😊 In every case.. my next post of all my adventures within these mountains will come quite soon after this one, so lucky you! 😉
Well.. Peru, a totally new country with long distances between the places I visited so far and lots of different natural scenes. My Peru story started at the North coast of this country, in Mancora as I told you last time. I thought that the beach would bring me some peace and quiet after 2 weeks of city life and in one way it did, but at the same time it felt like the place drained my energy completely! I felt very weak and tired so most of my days there I spend sleeping and doing nothing. Normally just doing nothing at the beach and chill feels good, but for me it felt like I wasn’t really myself and didn’t enjoy it so much.. Besides that I didn’t know yet what I wanted to discover in Peru. What would be my next destination for example?? At the hostel I talked with a couple who just came from a small town in the mountains where there are lots of ruins from the pre-inca times. That’s what Peru is most famous for, all the ruins. There is so much history here! It sounded like a nice place and the mountains give me way more energy during my journey here in South America than the coast.. So, after 2 nights, 3 full days of sand, sand, sand I made my way to the little mountain village which was called Chachapoyas. In the bus I met a guy who was ending his trip and had a Lonely Planet of Peru. His next trip would be Colombia, lucky me that I still had my Colombian LP, so we switched guides and continued our journeys. Finally I was able to read a bit more of the country I’m in and a make a plan of where to go ☺
When I arrived in the next big city to change buses for a night bus to the mountains, there were not any… So I had to spend the night there. I ended up in a hotel with a private room as there were no hostels. I have to say that I felt pretty lonely there and as I didn’t really felt like myself those days I got a moment of home sickness and asking myself “what the hell am I doing here, with my life and what do I want??” I was pretty sad and felt a bit lost again. I booked myself another night in the hotel as I really had to get back to myself again. I’m now kind of half way in my travel journey, more than 4 months have past by, my money is also going faster then I hoped, so it really feels that I came to a new phase in my journey.. Thoughts about when will I go home and what will I do there? Is Holland still the country I want to live in or do I want to live somewhere else? Those kind of things are going through my mind a lot now, which is different then when I was in Ecuador. There I just lived my life day by day and didn’t worry about the future.. I felt a bit releaved after I let out all my emotions and wrote about all of my thoughts in my diary.
The city where I was, was very busy, boring and super unstructured! To finally get into a bus which would bring me closer to the town in the mountains, I was instructed back and forth to different bus companies, terminals and whatsoever 😣 Things really go different here and the people aren’t that friendly. It made me miss Ecuador and most of all Colombia.. So as you can read, my first experiences of Peru weren’t that great. At the end I found my way to Chachapoyas, finally! I booked myself a comfortable seat in the bus and slept quite okay I have to say. The town was nice and the people there were way more friendly. People started to wave again at me 😄 Things like that have such an impact on your total experience.
The next day I went on a tour from the hostel to Kueláp. This is one of the most impressive ruins in Peru besides Machu Picchu. It is very big, 3000 people lived there in the pre-inca times. I heared from the couple that its a very spiritual place, but when we were with our guide and I asked why they made the decision to base their camp here, he said something so absurd that it made me guess if he really knew the stories behind this place.. He said that the tribe at that time walked a lot and they were starting to get hungry. Then, around the mountains they found potato, so thats where they based their camp kind off.. Well, no that is just too easy to say. Together with another girl in the group we ditched the guide and included ourselves into a different group with a way better guide. Then I finally heard the stories I wanted to hear and it was very inspiring ☺ At lunch, which was super late, I tried one of the Ecuadorian/Peruvian local dishes which you just have to try when you’re there.. Cuy! Or in English, Guinea Pig 😜 These little animals here are very important for the people and they love eating them! It tasted a bit like chicken, pretty tasty I have to say 😁 haha.
The day after I didn’t do much, still I wasn’t feeling like myself and was figuering out what I wanted to do. It felt like I was sleeping, no energy, no enthusiasm, no dedication.. Where was this?? My plan was to take a nightbus towards the coast again so I had one more day to fill in the area of Chachapoyas. I went to do a hike on my own to the world’s no.5 highest waterfall, Gocta. It was a beautiful day and the hike was really great, exactly what I needed! 😍 I hitched hiked to the town, walked quite fast and was just by myself, talking out loud about the things which were in my head, embracing them and being in the here and now 😊 This gave me the opportunity to let go of the negative thoughts and get connected again with my desires of my journey. When I arrived at the waterfall I found a nice place and started writing again, making a list of all the things I want to do, my new short term goals! ❤ The nature was so beautiful there and the waterfall was pretty impressive, what a power! Again I hitched hiked to get back to town, such a nice experience and so easy 😉 I start to find the ways of how I can save my money so I can last my trip a bit longer. I’m not ready yet to leave! 😜 ghehe..
The nightbus to Trujillo, my next destination was quite long, 14h! I slept quite well and found a hostel for the night. My plan was to go Couchsurfing in this city, my first CS experience! I tried to do this as well in other places, but it never worked out. I hoped here it would. I send out some messages and waited for responses. Meanwhile I got to know another nice German girl and spend a great day with here exploring the city and visiting another ruine. This one was so different! The coast here in Peru is all dessert, emptyness and pretty boring I have to say. Then, in the middle of nowhere there is this big ruine made of clay which already exists for thousands of years! It was super huge.. Chan Chan it’s called. We didn’t get a guide as they were quite expensive so the whole story behind this place I can’t tell you a lot about, but it was impressive as well. We ended the day in the beach town of Trujillo called Huanchaco. We had so much fun together that some locals came to us to find out where we were laughing about and joined us for a beer 😉 The funny thing is here, how they drink beer together is with 1 big bottle of beer and one glass. One by one you get the glass with some beer and share it with each other, haha. Pretty different! 🍻
Meanwhile, somebody responded on my Couchsurfing request and invited me in their home!! 😃 Yes, finally. My hosts were a family of 3, a Peruvian couple with a daughter of 9 yrs old. So, after I said goodbye to my friend and the Turtle pet 🐢 in the hostel I went to find the house of my host. The house was in a quite nice neighborhood, not that far from the city center. I got my own room, pretty messy one with a big plank where they put a matress on, super basic, but it got all I needed. Of course I had to adjust a bit to my new situation, but the people were really nice and friendly to me so that made it a lot easier ☺ One thing I noticed about the Peruvian people.. They are dirty and very messy!! The kitchen of this family was pretty disgusting and the bathroom wasn’t that clean either. Bah! Don’t understand how you can live like that.. But yeah, the only thing you can do is to adjust in a situation like that, so i did.
The next day they invited me to join them at their aunts house to have some dinner with them. I was walking around the city that day, saw some Marinera performances – the local dance of Trujillo – met a painter, an older man from Mexico and later I made my way up to the aunts house. It was quite an experience to get there as my phone was dead and I only had a little paper with the address on there! It was dark already and this time the neighborhood was quite different… Luckily I found a security guy who showed me the way and stayed with me until I got safe at my destination.. Thank you guardian angel for keeping me safe 😇❤ It was a great night with the family! They completely embraced me and later that night we started singing together, playing the guitar and having a lot of fun 😄 I’m so blessed for experiences like this.. Wow! A real look into their culture. The day after they even had a barbecue organized on their rooftop terrace and the family came together again there. Another couple from Servia with a daughter of 6 also came to hang out with us. They posted something on CS as well and wanted to hang out for a day with locals so thats how they ended up with us. Really nice and I played a lot with their daughter as she was originally from the US. The way how we were drawing together, going completely out of the box was such an eye opening experience for me! She was so talented in drawing the most crazy combinations that I loved watching her and getting myself also a bit out of my drawing comfort zone 😉 We got along so well that later that day she said to me: “I love you.. Can you please babysit me?” 😍❤ How cute is that?! Unfortunately I already made plans to leave the next day so it wasn’t possible. Otherwise I would have definately done it, making some money as well 😁
My last day in Trujillo I spend at the coast in Huanchaco. Some nice beach time, eating delicious sea food and watching the sexy surfers 😉 I felt so much better again, being on my own, enjoying my experiences and knowing more what I want. It was quite a hassle to get a bus ticket to my new destination back into the mountains. I wanted to go that way as I heard it was very beautiful there and you could do some great trekking! However, everytime I was at the ticket office of the bus company, the system was out! Super annoying. At the end I just went to the terminal 45mins before the bus was going, hoping there was still a ticket available. There was! I even had 2 seats for my own 😇 It was quite a bumpy and twisted ride to Huaraz, the little mountain city everyone was talking about. I arrived in the early morning, 8 hours later and found a very cheap hostel for only €2.60!! Thats a benefit of Peru, its a lot cheaper than Ecuador ☺ 

How my adventures are in Huaraz I will tell you in my next post. This one is long enough now, haha 😉 But, before I end this one I want to share a funny but at the same time a bit humilitating experience I had in the city of Trujillo 😅 

– no idea btw why the font changed in my story.. 🙊

After the 14h busride from Chachapoyas to Trujillo I was that day a bit tired and very hungry so after some relaxing time in the hostel I went to find a place to eat. When I’m hungry and a bit sleepy, I get a bit uncontrolled/unfocused where I walk or with the things I’m doing, most of the people do know that about me 😜… So, not a surprise that I slipped on the slippery pavements of Trujillo.

When I slipped, in a reflex I grabbed something close to me so I could hold on and don’t end up on the ground. Guess what I was holding on too! The boob of a woman passing by 😂😂 It did prevent me from falling, but OMG I felled so ashamed 😳 ups! LO SIENTO!! I said.. Luckily she had to laugh a bit and walked further. Still a bit in shock I walked further and when I was around the corner I burshed into tears of laughing 😂😂😂 Such a me-action! It made my day! Oh and then one of my German friend who I told the story when I came back as I just had to tell someone so that became the first thing that bonded us, laughing like crazy! 😂😃😄

Thanks brave Peruvian woman for saving me from falling in the streets of Trujillo by sharing your great, beautiful boobs with me 😜 Haha!

How are you guys doing in the cold and snow in the Netherlands?? Its pretty cold here as well, really had to adjust to that after my beach time with 25 degrees 🙊 Hope all is well! Speak soon great people 😘 Some beautiful mountain stories are coming up! 
Love & kisses xx ❤

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